What I do

Are you unhealthy, unhappy, or feeling stuck in some area of your life? Do you wonder what you are doing wrong and what you could do differently to achieve the health, happiness, and success you desire?

That is where I can help. My approach to wellness looks beyond the surface of whatever issue you are facing; whether it be weight loss, chronic aches and pains, digestion issues, allergies, etc., to find the deeper issue.

Beyond the obvious physical symptoms you are experiencing, there are often underlying emotional, mental, and spiritual factors contributing to the problem.  (Click HERE to go back to home page and read more about each of these levels of healing.)

The key to becoming unstuck is finding where you are blocked at the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This is the process that I use with my clients. Together, we look beyond the physical and identify stuck emotions, beliefs and attitudes, and energetic blocks that are contributing to imbalance in your body.

I begin most of my sessions dealing with stuck emotions. Either my clients identify an emotion that they are having a hard time letting go of, or I identify it for them. (I am very intuitive, and I am also empathic, which means I can feel what you are feeling, sometimes even when you don’t know what you are feeling.)  We can also begin this process using a physical symptom, which will then lead us to the underlying emotion. Once the emotion is identified, I pinpoint where in the body it is stuck, and then I help my client to release the emotion using a tapping and vocalization process.

I use the same process for stuck mental patterns. It is amazing to me how often there is a subconscious belief system in place that my client had no idea was there.

We will only release emotions or mental patterns that your body is ready to release, and only for as long as your body will allow us. In my experience, the body can only handle about 30 minutes of this type of work at a time. The clearing process that I use is one that I learned from my friend and Naturopath, Dr. Denice Moffat. The process is called DMTEC. You can learn more about the process here. I might also suggest an essential oil or emotional remedy to help you complete the releasing process.

In order to get a sense of how your chakras are functioning, each of our sessions will also include a Full Spectrum Healing. These healings focus on restoring and restructuring the 7 main chakras as well as the 5 spiritual centers and bringing them back into balance to allow the body to restore itself to health.

For more on Full Spectrum Healings, visit http://rhysmethod.com/rhys-method-energy-medicine/rhys-method-full-spectrum-healing/.