I have had trouble twice in my life with health issues when I couldn’t get anywhere with doctors. It is always take tests, take some medicine, but without any lasting or beneficial results. Tonya helped me to figure out what was actually causing my problems. The first was about 10 years ago. To keep it brief, I was having multiple asthma attacks and bronchitis with no relief from continuous rounds of antibiotics and steroids. She was able to discover that I, in fact, have a wheat allergy. I took wheat completely out of my diet and have been so much better. I also furthered the healing of my lungs by phasing in homeopathic allergy and asthma drops to replace my prescription inhaler when I was pregnant. I no longer rely on prescription meds for my asthma or allergy issues, and my lungs are healthier than they have ever been. My second issue came up in the last couple of years and was similar to Crohn’s disease. I was having intestinal inflammation, and it was making me so sick. After multiple medical test and no answers as to the cause, I again turned to Tonya for help, and we discovered that it was corn and vegetable oils causing my problems this time. So, I again made some dietary changes and haven't had any more issues. My sessions with Tonya also included emotional clearing and Full Spectrum healings, and I feel that both were very beneficial in my healing process. I am so thankful there are other options out there besides "take a pill." A lot of our health issues are most likely what we are doing to ourselves and putting into our bodies. Whether it's the food we eat or the medicines prescribed for us, our bodies will tell us what we are doing wrong if we just pay attention. Thank you Tonya for showing us how to listen to our bodies and heal ourselves and for sharing your gift!
Nancy Whitt
Tonya was recommended to me at a time when I was struggling with deep, painful emotions. Although I was not skeptical, I was clueless about what the experience would be like. Through her gentle, understanding manner, she helped me keep an open mind and heart. The therapy she uses was unknown to me as well and I am amazed at how well it works. Through her inquiries, guidance and technique, she was able to unlock the deeply stuck emotions and help me move forward. She is very intuitive, professional and no nonsense with a ton of integrity..... I always heard that ‘Energy’ knows no time or space. Her work is proof - I am a believer. Tonya is the ‘Real Deal’ and I would highly recommend her.
Ruth Novak
My healing sessions with Tonya have made a profound difference in my overall well-being. It was like pushing a reset button that brought me back to my true self. I have seen improvements in my self-esteem, my spiritual development, and my health. I have gained a better connection with God and with myself. My sessions with her built upon each other and continued to get more and more healing. Tonya is a beautiful light, with a loving healing energy. I would highly recommend healing sessions with Tonya.
Jodi Onstott