Emotions and Heart Health

Emotions and Heart Health

Health challenges sometimes come on suddenly without warning, and seemingly without a cause. This often leaves the patient and their family wondering how something like this could have happened. This is true of a young male client of mine who seemed completely healthy until about a year ago. He had just finished his first year of college and was working at his summer job when suddenly his whole life was turned upside down. His job entailed working outside at different locations, and the particular project he and his coworkers were assigned involved working in a very swampy area. The weather was hot and humid, and mosquitoes were plentiful. My client had forgotten his bug spray, and had many mosquito bites to show for it. After 2 days of working in this location, my client became very fatigued and developed flu-like symptoms. He continued to work despite how he felt, but by the end of the week, he was so exhausted that he came home after work on Friday and went straight to bed.

When he finally woke Saturday afternoon, he complained of chest pain. Living in a small town, the only medical treatment available on weekends is the local emergency room; so that is where his parents took him thinking that he would be diagnosed with a respiratory infection, receive a prescription for an antibiotic, and then be on his way home to recuperate. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. After performing a routine EKG due to his complaints of chest pain, the emergency room staff believed my client was having a heart attack. He was sent via Aero Med to the nearest heart center and rushed straight to the cath lab to assess the damage to his heart.

The procedure revealed that my client had not had a heart attack, but that he had gone into heart failure. After more tests, the doctors diagnosed him with severe myocarditis of the left side of his heart that had possibly been caused by a virus carried by the mosquitoes that had bitten him in the swamp. Myocarditis simply means inflammation of the heart, which makes it very difficult for the heart to pump like it is supposed to. His heart was only pumping at 30% and the normal range is from 55 to 75%. After a week in the hospital, he was released with 2 medications for his heart, a low salt diet, and restrictions on how much physical activity he could perform so he would not put too much stress on his heart. The doctors told him that the medications would help to prevent permanent damage to his heart, and that he most likely would make a full recovery, but they would have to wait and see. That is when my work with him began.

Like his family and close friends, I wondered how this could have happened. But I generally have a much different perspective than most. As we began working together, I got to really know this young man. We started with a health history including any medications that he had been taking. My work mainly involves dealing with the emotional and energetic causes of health challenges, but I am also trained as a pharmacist, and so I feel I have not done a thorough assessment of my clients if I don’t look at their medical history. My client was taking medications to treat ADD and anxiety, and had been taking the ADD medications since elementary school. The anxiety medication had been added while he was in high school. I looked at the side effects of these medications and found that both had the possibility of causing cardiac side effects.

As I learned more about his challenges with school and learning, it became very apparent that my client had a lot of anxiety about school, and while he had done well in high school, his first year of college had been very difficult for him. Being far from home and from the support of his family, especially his mom, made the year that much harder. I also learned that my client was very hard on himself, and he tended to ridicule himself for what he perceived as failure, when in actuality, he was doing just fine. As we further discussed his experience with his first year of college, I Intuitively began to feel that his heart really wasn’t in it. I asked him how he felt about the area of study he had chosen, and he said he liked it; but even as he said it, I could feel that it wasn’t completely true.

I also quickly realized that this young man has a huge heart. He is one of the most sensitive, sweet guys I have ever met. He also tends to take everything to heart. I began to sense a pattern. When metaphors keep appearing, such as “his heart isn’t in it”, and “he takes everything to heart”, there is a clue to how the body reacts to stress. Everyone has a part of the body or body system that will be the first place that health issues show up. For me it is my digestive system (that is for another blog post), and for my client, it is his heart. This is influenced in part by genetics, but it also has a lot to do with the personality of the person. Outside stressors such as a poor diet and lack of exercise, toxins in the environment, viruses, bacteria, and side effects of medications may all play a role; but in my experience, getting to know the real person is the key to getting to the bottom of health challenges.

Throughout our sessions together, we focused on clearing emotions and beliefs around his feeling of not being good enough, and the Full Spectrum healings I chose to do on him were directed at helping him to feel his deepest desires and make decisions based on his feelings rather than his preconceived idea of what others and he, himself, thinks is the best decision. At first, he seemed almost completely detached from his emotions and his second chakra; it was as if he had built a wall around himself, and his emotions were on the outside of the wall, not allowed to get in and influence the rest of his energy system, especially his heart chakra. As our sessions continued, he slowly allowed his second chakra to open and the energy to flow to the rest of his chakras. As this happened I could feel his heart open.

During one of these healings, it came to my attention that his feelings of being a failure is something that he had brought with him from more than one past life, and it continues to weight very heavily on his heart in this life. Being empathic, I could feel how sad this made him feel. The message that I received during the healing was to tell him that he had never truly let anyone down because he had always loved with all of his heart. When I told him this after the healing was complete, it brought him to tears. I sensed that a weight had been lifted from him at that moment. After that, he began to relax and allow his life to flow. He allowed himself to feel what he wanted without judgement that what he wanted was not good enough. The bottom line is that he had to learn to listen to his heart, and that included loving himself for who he really is rather than who he thinks he should be.

His doctors did decrease the doses of his ADD and anxiety medications, and I helped him to find herbal supplements and essential oils to help his focus and anxiety while we continue to work on releasing the emotions and beliefs he has surrounding the ADD. I also recommended nutritional supplements to help strengthen his heart. As for his pattern of taking everything to heart, I suggested he try using journaling and exercise as a way to release his emotions in a healthy way. Of course, just allowing himself to feel his emotions without judgement is also very important, as well as listening to what his emotions might be trying to tell him.

He has since changed his major in college and seems so much happier. He also just received a clean bill of health from his cardiologist who told him that his heart is pumping as if nothing ever happened. At our last session, he had no emotional issues to clear surrounding the heart failure, and when I did a Full Spectrum Healing on him, his heart was very happy.